Ultimate Justification for Cloud ERP

Chris Chappinelli identifies what may be the most important justification for moving your ERP to the cloud – cyber-security. Given the increasing complexity and frequency of attacks on customer and employee data, many IT departments are ill prepared to face the challenges. As Chappinelli notes even the experts get hacked (RSA Security was a recent victim).

Against the advanced persistent threats that exist in today’s networked world, even paragons of cyber-security can become victims. Wouldn’t you want to shift that responsibility to another company if you could?

Your management and business insurer would both be pleased to offload such risk. The question is how prepared are the cloud providers to accept and manage the risk? It may take time for an acceptable security standard to emerge, and even longer for security to find its way into cloud license / service agreements. However anyone contemplating cloud computing should start thinking about security today.

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