Increasing Compliance Audits Irritate Customers

Software companies have increased the rate of license compliance audits to demonstrate their dedication to your organization’s well being. They also help you reduce costs by identifying unused seats and shelfware and adjusting maintenance bills downward.

Please excuse my sarcasm, but actions speak louder than words. Ray Wang highlights a dramatic increase in compliance audits over the past two years as major software vendors attempt to juice revenues in a slow economy. Apparently companies receiving audits were in compliance in the high 80s percentage wise – and notably missing from the report is any mention of reduced seat counts / maintenance fees resulting from the audits. These vendors are looking out for themselves, not for their customers’ interests:

After speaking with 13 major software vendors, most admitted that software audit served two purposes. The first – keep customers in compliance. The second – shaking the bushes for new deals during the recession.

It is just this kind of predatory behavior which gives the software industry a bad reputation among our customers. HarrisData offers our Software Customer Bill of Rights as a guide to improved relations between software vendors and customers. We follow through with our Omni License to put our customers concerns in writing. Once again we invite all software vendors to adopt the Software Customer Bill of Rights as their own and improve the experience of software customers everywhere.

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