Time to Stock up on Popcorn

This will be fun to watch, at least if you are not a customer of these behemoths (then antacids may be more appropriate). Larry Ellison launched a new verbal war against anything but Oracle as the big technology firms crank up acquisitions to increase their footprints in your datacenter. The key analyst quote:

“We had 15 years of relative peace where everyone had their own patches and you had all these wonderful camps and coalitions,” says James Alexander, senior vice-president of Info-Tech Research Group. “Now these guys need to keep driving top-line revenues and market share, and the only way to do that is through acquisitions and getting into somebody else’s business.”

With so many giant feet getting even bigger, many toes will be stepped upon. It should alarm all of us that nowhere in Ellison’s comments (nor the article) is any mention of value to the customers of this industry wide embiggening. After all the toes they step on may be yours!

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