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Are you ready for some takeovers?

Life in the ERP software business is about to get interesting once again as Infor hires a new CEO. Charles Phillips moves from Oracle to Infor where he is expected to restart the acquisition machine (more than 70 since 2002) … Continue reading

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Software Quality Defined: Build What Your Customers Need

InformationWeek reports Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst’s condemnation of the software industry. Whitehurst catalogs a long list of industry ills including overpricing, a lack of productivity improvement in development organizations, and unimproved quantities of program bugs in commercial software. The … Continue reading

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The 70’s are Back

Ray Wang analyzes the enterprise technology market at his Software Insiders blog. He compares Oracle’s acquisition of Sun to IBM in the 1970s. The impact — the tech industry reverts back to the beginning of a 40 year innovation cycle. … Continue reading

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Time to Stock up on Popcorn

This will be fun to watch, at least if you are not a customer of these behemoths (then antacids may be more appropriate). Larry Ellison launched a new verbal war against anything but Oracle as the big technology firms crank … Continue reading

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Engaging Customers

Ned Lilly offers several ways for software vendors to engage open source communities, including good ideas like transparency, bring in customers early in the process, plus open and continued communication. All are good ideas, but Ned commits an error of … Continue reading

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ERP SaaS Struggles

The Wall Street Journal looked into startup troubles for SAP’s Software as a Service ERP offering. Two reasons are provided for the disappointing launch: SaaS ERP products are seen by potential customers as slow and hard to use; potential customers … Continue reading

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