Avoiding ERP Mistakes

In Monday’s Wall Street Journal (8/23/10), Albert Segars and Dave Chatterjee address ERP project problems:

Too many executives see ERP solely as a technology project, believing that if they buy a new software system, inefficiencies will magically disappear. It is no surprise that it doesn’t work that way. Instead, they need to treat ERP as a transformation effort involving three areas of their business: processes, technology and spending.

Segars and Chatterjee follow up with useful hints to ensure success – primarily focusing on the business activities that really make a difference (80/20 rule) and satisfy customers. However they do not address the implications for selecting an ERP vendor.

For example, if executives err by giving technology too high a priority do they not err by hiring a technology consultant to advise the selection process? Do they not further err by putting IT in charge of the ERP project? Why not put business executives in charge of defining business opportunities then select a vendor that can partner to realize them?

HarrisData focuses on key business processes and the opportunity to realize value from the ERP project by working with executives to complete a business analysis before starting the project.  HarrisData’s QuickStart addresses implementation success in more detail.

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