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The HarrisData Community of companies is unique to the Mid-Market. HarrisData Customers have all significantly reduced or minimized their IT costs while realizing efficiencies through the software that have distingguished them in their industry. Their use of HarrisData applications has been a journey from the "old way" of purchasing, using and administering enterprise software to the freedom of applying the applications to improve, automate and streamline the essential business processes that can make your company successful.

HarrisData has engineered its software to accommodate most businesses and industries. Focused on the customer, HarrisData has created the Omni-license to give businesses all the tools required to focus on their business and not to be encumbered by rules that restrict the utilization of the software.

Is your business using old Enterprise Software that doesn't work and is costing you time and money? Are you tired of the hassles, problems and fees associated with using your current software? Are you hesitant about Enterprise Software implementations because they usually take years, have outrageous costs, and detract from your business? Contact HarrisData to learn whether joining the HarrisData Community is right for you and your organization.

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