Enjoy a secure worry free IT environment on the Cloud.

You can run your HarrisData software either on your servers at your location, or worry-free on the Cloud. HarrisData has partnered with Logicalis, a world-class provider of integrated information solutions to provide comprehensive cloud offerings.*

Using HarrisData on the Cloud can help address the following concerns:

Want to control your infrastructure investment?

Running HarrisData on the Cloud gives you the full IT capabilities you need without the financial demands of building and maintaining a comparable environment. You pay only for what you use, and let your cloud grow as your organization grows.

Want a maintenance-free enterprise solution?

Running HarrisData on the Cloud can eliminate the need for IT operations staff. Your Cloud solution can take care of all your hardware updates, software updates and upgrades, disaster recovery services, and more. You can focus on running your business.

Having trouble attracting top IT talent?

Running HarrisData on the Cloud gives you access to top IT talent 24x7x365. By sharing resources across many customers, cloud solution providers can afford to attract and retain the best IT professionals. You'll have the experts available when you need them.

Worried about the security of your data?

Running HarrisData on the Cloud is secure. Your data will be stored in a highly secure data center, protected by integrated firewalls and SSL encryption. Optional services such as High Availability and Security Event Management can be used to augment security and give you additional peace of mind.

Can I afford it?

Running HarrisData on the Cloud can save money. By sharing the data center, the hardware and the IT talent, your over-all expense goes down.

A Cloud computing solution will provide many benefits to your company. Focus your resources on activities that add value to your bottom-line. Choose a cloud solution for an easy, agile IT environment that is both efficient and affordable.

If you're looking for a worry-free implementation of HarrisData sofware, contact your HarrisData sales representative to learn if running HarrisData on the Cloud is right for you. Call us today at (800)225-0585 or send an email to sales@harrisdata.com.

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