HarrisData Offers Three CRM Modules


Cloud or On-Premise Solution

CustomerFirst® provides the support, help desk and quality tracking functionalities required to empower each department within your organization to maintain customer information and to view it in the context of their particular function.

The solution manages the flow of work through the organization from the time a request or issue is reported, until it is completed or resolved.


Cloud or On-Premise Solution

SalesFirst® is designed to help companies manage their sales organizations, prospects and customers. A significant tool for the salesperson, SalesFirst® captures all historical and critical data about the prospect.

Competitive information can be compiled and tracked to assist in determining the best sales approach given the competition.


Cloud or On-Premise Solution

WebFirst® is where the customer can access, update and create support incidents online 24/7/365. This extension of our CRM solutions will also allow you to download software updates from the web whenever you need them.

Visit the Support Community (user id/password required) to access your account.

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