Jacobs Corporation Harlan, IA

Jacobs Corporation stems from a rich heritage. Its founders were craftsmen, who built their business by making quality replacement parts for the milling industry and providing outstanding service to their clients. Sixty-five years later Jacobs Corporation still reflects the same work ethics and business philosophy that its founders demonstrated. Over the years Jacobs has evolved into a modern manufacturing company with state-of-the-art equipment, operated by highly skilled personnel. This continued commitment to quality has allowed Jacobs to become a worldwide leader in replacement parts for hammer mills and pellet mills.

As a major player in the metal industry, Jacobs Corporation needed a modern enterprise system that would complement its modern manufacturing process. The company realized that its lack of real-time information was hurting productivity. Their reporting process was outdated and integration of data was impossible. In order to continue the tradition of exceptional customer service, instant access by management to customer records, financial information and sales orders was a must.

Implementing HarrisData's Enterprise Software proved to be the right solution to help them meet their business objectives. The Jacobs Corporation discovered that HarrisData's portal technology was not only easy to use, but provided payoffs bigger than expected.

Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer, Jim Chipman, says that he was able to decrease his month end closing procedure from eight days down to four using HarrisData's financial drill-down reporting capabilities. "I no longer need to print out a ream of paper." Having the most current information at his fingertips has helped Jim tremendously. Viewing payroll history at the touch of a button has eliminated the need for manual summaries, and saved them hours of work each month. "Since the implementation of our HarrisData Portals, the communication level within our organization has increased ten-fold," stated Chipman.

Through the use of HarrisData portals, the Jacobs sales staff can now add notes and attachments to the customer records so the information is available in real time across the enterprise. Warranty issues or problems with parts are all tracked easily in the customer record. Customer service has improved dramatically, with less surprises and fewer service calls. "I wouldn't give up HarrisData portals for anything," says President and Chief Executive Officer Todd Plumb. "All the information is in one spot".

In addition to getting a handle on their reporting capabilities, the Jacobs Corporation found that HarrisData's comprehensive manufacturing software allowed them to get their inventory under control. By effectively using HarrisData's Manufacturing Planning Software, Jacobs was able to reduce their inventory, which resulted in a savings of $250,000.

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