HarrisData University (HDU)

HarrisData University represents a unique approach to maximizing software training for your organization with minimal disruption and expense. Let us help you deliver on demand education and training to your HarrisData users.

HarrisData University Goals

HarrisData University strives to provide
  • Quality training
  • Personalized Agenda
  • Live interaction
  • Convenience
  • Low cost


HDU Course Catalog

HarrisData U provides training opportunities for all of your HarrisData users. New course catalog coming soon.


Request Training

To request training from HarrisData University, contact HarrisData Support at
1-800-793-3282 toll free 
1-262-784-2627 phone 
1-262-784-4694 fax 
HarrisData University training is available to all HarrisData Preferred Customers. Participants must pre-register for each course. Additional fees apply, depending on the length of each course.

Technical Requirements




HarrisData University uses technology from WebEx to allow participants to share applications and watch each other 
 work with the HarrisData software.
The video portion of the training requires a connection to the Internet, and Internet browser software such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari. High-speed connections are preferred, but not required. The audio portion of the course will be delivered through your telephone.