Total Control

The consumerization of technology has driven many benefits back to enterprise solutions - improved user experiences, mobility, and dramatically reduced cost of operations. However, many enterprise solutions that have attempted to capitalize on these trends overlooked a core requirement that makes the enterprise different than a consumer: customizing an application for a specific enterprise can deliver value far in excess of the cost. A one-size-fits-all solution to enterprise applications has never been successful simply because the competitive advantage an enterprise can gain from a unique business process makes the cost of customization pale in comparison. 

To insure that you are buying the best enterprise applications for your company's future, make sure you have control of the applications and the data. AppsInHD™ allows you to take back control of your applications and your data. 


Control Your Applications

AppsInHD offers deployment choices that fit the way you want to manage your information technology.


  • Deploy your solution worry-free on the cloud, or keep your solution on premise to retain complete control
  • Customize your applications with programming and data extensions, including access to source code
  • Deploy your application on premise on a single unified platform such as the IBM i, or on racks of commodity Linux servers
  • Deploy your application on premise using your preferred relational database


Control Your Data

AppsInHD applications include server-based security that allows you to control which users can perform which action on which data. You can establish general security policies, or specific policies that only allow certain users to perform certain actions on certain data. (For example, you can restrict which users can see paychecks for employees that are in a specific department.) This control is enforced at the server, so no third-party tools or customized extensions will be able to bypass the built-in security.

Also, whether you deploy on the cloud or on premise, the data you generate with AppsInHD is yours. Your data will be stored securely and separately from other customer's data, allowing you maximum flexibility for reporting and data export without the security risks inherent in a multi-tenant database solution. 

Control Your Rights

Over a decade ago, HarrisData worked with software customers to identify the core issues that caused friction in the relationship between software customers and vendors. Out of this work emerged the Software Customer's Bill of Rights to make clear what customers should reasonably expect from their software vendors. HarrisData then created a software license agreement - the Omni-License — that put our commitment to treat customers right in writing. Today, AppsInHD is licensed under an Omni-License that maintains that same commitment.


The Difference is HD

HarrisData develops enterprise application software for mid-sized businesses. Our software is neither a complex system designed for global giants, nor a desktop solution lacking the essential controls required to run a modern business. With our software, we deliver the basic tools that help you grow your business. With our solutions, we deliver the customer experience mid-sized businesses deserve, including:

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Take a break from the grind, get a cup of coffee, and learn what HarrisData software can do for you.

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Introducing AppsInHD

AppsInHD™ represents real change in enterprise software development. The user experience is centered around workflow tasks and offers the simplicity of tablet-style interfaces. The underlying architecture uses web technologies to deliver reliability and scalablity, with open RESTful APIs used both inside and outside the applications. AppsInHD solutions can be deployed in the cloud or on premise, on commodity Linux servers or on high-performance IBM i servers, but always allow you total control of your applications, customizations, and data.   

See what your applications look like in HD!

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