Introducing AppsInHD™  


AppsInHD is the next big thing in enterprise application software platforms!

The AppsInHD user experience is designed from the ground up for modern, touch-and-speak browsers - whether in the office on your PC or Mac, on the road with your mobile tablet, or even on your wi-fi enabled TV. Workflow is front and center in an AppsInHD application, making it easy for you to determine what needs your attention most. 

The AppsInHD architecture allows for scalable, reliable deployment in the cloud or on premise, using modern web technologies inside the application. The AppsInHD platform runs just as well on a single IBM i as a rack of commodity Linux servers - with endless possible configurations that can meet your processing needs. 

Most important to mid-sized businesses, AppsInHD is designed to let you retain total control of your software. AppsInHD was designed to use open APIs that are as easy as posting a tweet, allowing faster integration with other web-based applications and content. Your applications can even leverage your custom code within your environment. Your data and code are separated from other AppsInHD customers to give you maximum flexibility and piece of mind. 

AppsInHD is the basis for all future HarrisData and RTI Software development, spanning enterprise application functionality from HRIS to ERP to CRM. 

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Cloud Inside

AppsInHD isn't just another ERP deployed on the cloud. AppsInHD was designed from the ground up around open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) based on REST. AppsInHD doesn't just publish APIs for cloud use, we use the same APIs both inside and outside of AppsInHD solutions. Like most web applications, the APIs are stateless, allowing AppsInHD to use web techniques such as redundant servers and load balancing to scale between small and massive deployments - in the cloud or on premise. 

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Unique User Experience

AppsInHD offers a unique user experience inspired by tablet interfaces and centered on workflow productivity. AppsInHD solutions reject legacy enterprise software notions like nested menus that make navigation difficult, introducing search as the primary navigation tool for enterprise applications. 

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Total Control

AppsInHD offers you total control - of your applications, of your extensions, of your data. On the cloud or on premise, your data and applications are yours. AppsInHD solutions offer technology and customer-friendly terms that put you in control of your solution.

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The Difference is HD

HarrisData develops enterprise application software for mid-sized businesses. Our software is neither a complex system designed for global giants, nor a desktop solution lacking the essential controls required to run a modern business. With our software, we deliver the basic tools that help you grow your business. With our solutions, we deliver the customer experience mid-sized businesses deserve, including:

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Introducing AppsInHD

AppsInHD™ represents real change in enterprise software development. The user experience is centered around workflow tasks and offers the simplicity of tablet-style interfaces. The underlying architecture uses web technologies to deliver reliability and scalablity, with open RESTful APIs used both inside and outside the applications. AppsInHD solutions can be deployed in the cloud or on premise, on commodity Linux servers or on high-performance IBM i servers, but always allow you total control of your applications, customizations, and data.   

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