The Software Customer's Bill of Rights was established to fundamentally shift the balance of power from the software vendor, to you - the software customer. Software vendors have traditionally used their license agreements as the basis for exercising control over their customers, but now HarrisData is supporting the Software Customer's Bill of Rights putting the customers first - starting with a license agreement founded on terms favorable to the customer.

Compare your software vendor's licensing policies to the Software Customer's Bill of Rights, and see if you're getting what you deserve.

Right to Affordable Quality Software

Software that Works

Software delivered with Cost Certainty

Right to a Well-defined Implementation

An Implementation timeline you can live with

Clearly stated objectives & project parameters

Helpful advice on avoiding additional customization & modifications

Right to Unlimited Quality Support

Access to a qualified expert

Unlimited hotline & online options

Timely defect & bug resolution

Right to be Free of Vendor Control

No vendor interference in ongoing business

Access to source code

Ability to extend system for unique business requirements

Ability to contribute to the enhancement process

Right to Business Growth

Rapid re-implementation when your business changes

Cost certainty during mergers & acquisitions

Right to Prevent Software Obsolescence

Software upgrades to meet changing business requirements

Compliance and Regulatory updates mandated by the IRS, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA

Continuously evolving software architecture to leverage changing technology

Right to Deploy Software without Restrictions

Unlimited users - inside & outside your organization

High-availability & disaster recovery

Development & Integration

Right to Improve Technology Infrastructure

Facilitate infrastructure improvement

Leverage infrastructure improvements

Right to Quality Documentation

Well-written, easy to understand documentation

Duplication rights for legitimate uses

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